stakeholder management

Success in reputation management and crisis management depends largely on how quickly and effectively your organisation communicates with its stakeholders.

No business is an island, and therefore stakeholder management is a critical component for any organisation. By improving communication with key stakeholders – targeting the media, employees, customers, suppliers, government and activists – we help you improve relationships and ultimately drive better business results. This requires you to involve stakeholders in decision-making processes and generate trust and improved relationships among stakeholders themselves.

To manage the interface between an organisation and its stakeholders, a number of issues have to be addressed:



  • How to identify your key stakeholders
  • How to communicate with them effectively
  • What mediums to use
  • When to communicate with stakeholders
  • Who is responsible for communication with key stakeholders


“Leaders must earn the trust of their teams, their organisations, and their stakeholders before attempting to engage their support.”

~ Warren G. Bennis


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