We are one of the leading reputation management companies in Africa

As one of the leading reputation management companies in Africa, we understand that managing your reputation capital is about shaping public perception. Your organisation’s reputation — the way customers, employees, suppliers, investors, analysts, the media and industry bodies view your organisation — has an impact on your ability to win new business, retain customers, attract new talent, and gain favourable media coverage. It also acts as a barrier against competitors.

We manage reputation capital for our valued clients and mitigate risk during reputation-defining situations.

Working together, we enable companies of all sizes to identify and adopt reputation management strategies that build trust with the stakeholders that matter most.

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  • Preempting a situation
  • Preplanning for an eventuality
  • Honest communication at all time
  • Being solutions driven


Using our proprietary risk methodology, we help identify your company’s reputation risk exposure and prepare your team to proactively manage that risk.

Through a proven set of tools, we create standards and benchmarks which ultimately make it easier to measure and monitor the company’s reputation.

Managing reputation is dependent on one crucial factor – communication. Driven from the top down, with commitment at the highest management level, communicating the right message, through the right channels, measured against organizational objectives, is the key to successful reputation management in a disruptive world.

Today’s CEO has the challenge of integrating reputation into the business model and making it a fundamental focus of the organisation. Simply, reputation management is everyone’s job.

It’s critical to note two factors:

  • If the passion for the company, its services and products are not present internally, there is no hope of communicating a positive message to your external audiences.
  • No amount of advertising, sales and promotion will buy customer loyalty if your company is not trusted or respected.

The most meaningful way to differentiate your company from your competition, the best way to put distance between yourself and the crowd, is to do an outstanding job with information.

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