corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a huge part of our workplace culture. As one of our standard business practices, we are dedicated to achieving a positive impact on society. Giving back as a team connects us to each other, keeps us more invested in what we do as a company,  and makes us look forward to coming to work in the morning.

pro bono

Eden Campus Project

Eden Campus, close to Knysna, is a tertiary education facility which provides low-cost education and business skills to previously marginalised young South Africans.

How we helped

We provide ongoing pro bono PR and marketing services in the hope of raising public and corporate awareness about this unique project and its importance to society. We have also mentored and coached students from Eden Campus in communication and business skills.


International Women's Forum – South Africa

IWFSA a progressive organisation of women leaders whose vision is to educate, empower, nurture and mentor the next generation of women leaders.

How we helped

We have been providing pro bono reputation management services to the International Women’s Forum South Africa (IWFSA) for two years, working closely with previous chairpersons, Dr Anna Mokgokong and Dr Namane Magau, and the current chairperson, Dr Danisa Baloyi.


Right To Care

Right To Care is an NGO dedicated to the fight against HIV and Aids

How we helped

We assisted in writing a crisis communication plan, a social media policy and plan, and a reputation management strategy.


social responsibility

Cell C Take a Girl Child to Work Day

An annual day which has a profound effect on girls, with many choosing a career based on their day in the workplace.

How we helped

In 2017, we hosted eight learners from the Kwabhekilanga Secondary School, during the 15th annual Cell C Take a Girl Child to Work Day. The learners spent the day under the mentorship of the executive team. They learned what the company is about, what it does, what roles the respective employees play, how the company operates on a daily basis, and what reputation management is all about.

Tshwane University of Technology

Educating students on crisis management

How we helped

We ran a reputation management workshop on how to recover from a crisis.

Fidelitas High School in Diepkloof, Soweto.

How to access finance for tertiary studies and how to gain work experience

How we helped

Geared up to share insights, life experiences and stories of how they overcome challenges to reach for their dreams, the Vuma team paired off and engaged with the Grade 12 learners. The interactive discussions included topics on how to access finance for tertiary studies, how to gain work experience, how to get classmates to listen to them while they’re talking, and the chances of getting a job after completing studies. After hearing touching stories, taking eager questions and sharing many laughs, Vuma gave a little extra in the form of magazines, calendars, educational brochures, lanyards and pens, and fruit packs.

Mandela Day 2017

A day spent at the Refilwe Legae home for children in Tembisa

How we helped

Our team celebrated Mandela Day with the orphans at Refilwe Legae, as part of our commitment to his call to help make the world a better place.

Ongoing community talks

Educating the youth about business and opportunities

How we helped

Free talks for Bagale Seminars