9 dimensions of reputation management

The reputation of any organisation can be determined by the nine dimensions of reputation management developed by the Branding Institute.


9 Dimensions of Reputation Management


Management Quality

It’s important for leaders in your organisation to be engaged. A leader who embraces and listens to the concerns of their staff ultimately gains respect and trust. This entails networking with employees, asking the hard questions. It’s about really knowing what is going on with your team, reading the nuances. It’s about consistency, keeping the relationship going and flowing.

Business Performance

This is about the bottom line, and how it might be improved.

Marketing and Sales Effectiveness

Often businesses need to look at how they are advertising and marketing themselves. What are the key messages and who they are communicating to. Are you reaching the right stakeholders? Are you marketing business-to-business when you need to be marketing more to your consumers? What is the plan, and if it’s not working optimally,

Social Responsibility

What are you doing to upskill your people? And is your organisation involved in any upliftment or charity programmes socially? Leading with heart is the new wave of management today, and it is gaining momentum.

Ethical Business Practices

This speaks to corporate governance, your hiring policies (the kind of people who are on board), the company’s culture and value system, the policies and procedures in place to ensure the company’s code of conduct is upheld. Good governance is of paramount importance, and it is not just a paper-based issue. There needs to be accountability and fairness, proactively pursued, from the cleaner to the board.


Again, communication is key, and it needs to be driven from the top down. Senior management, however uncomfortable they may feel at times, should be regularly interacting with all members of staff, especially in crises situations.

Employer Attractiveness

This is one that some companies fall short of, given the poor environment they provide for their employees. The companies where staff are happiest are those in good locations, where their health needs are considered. The workplace and its facilities demonstrate the corporation’s attitude to its staff.


The question is, do you have your finger on the pulse of what is happening in your industry? Do your products or services still fit the market? Is your distribution mechanism still optimal? No one thought Blackberry would be yesterday’s news at the time when everybody had one. In business, you need to innovate continuously.

Quality of Products & Services

Do your products or services still fit the needs and wants of the market? Is your distribution mechanism still optimal? What can you be doing better?